VERSA provides customized turn-key solutions for our customers covering such areas as:

Providing solutions covering large scale, highly complex networks with demanding service quality requirements and strict federal governance and mandates. VERSA’s experience includes nation-wide (CONUS/OCONUS) network designs and transformations covering WAN circuits, dark fiber, PRIs/SIP, cable plants, telco/LAN closets, wired, wireless and remote access, security, TIC, guest Internet, load balancers, WAN accelerators, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, COOP, etc.

Full assessment and transformation of your entire IT landscape covering all operational and mission related applications and services, including technical feasibility and timing for migration of services to the Cloud as appropriate.

Assess current Cybersecurity measures and policies to identify vulnerabilities and develop a full modernization and hardening plan that is fully compliant to Federal standards and Agency level initiatives. Delivering fully customized turn-key solutions to customers and operational monitoring and CSIRT support when needed. Versa has teamed with Edison Power in California and consults on securing Power Grids from malicious attacks.

Design and implementation of full VOIP and Unified Communications systems providing customers with complete mobility with seamless presence capabilities. VERSA has successfully migrated several large-scale, complex agencies from dated legacy telephony systems to a state-of-the-art Unified Communications platform with complete IM&P and full featured video and collaboration to the desktop.

Highly secured and federally complaint Internet access for authorized government staff and contractors, as well as partitioned and controlled Internet access for federal guests.

Complete assessment of your agency’s IT portfolio and feasibility for migration of services to the Cloud, with a full or hybrid migration strategy, budget requirement, and implementation plan to ensure minimal disruption and increased quality of service delivery.

Customized solutions covering agency wide rich media and collaboration requirements including the specialized needs of your scientific and research communities. VERSA has designed and implemented full service solutions covering both IP and COAX based audio, video and collaboration systems to enterprise wide conference rooms and desktops.

Full life cycle services supporting SAP solutions covering requirements development, systems implementation and integration, data security, analytics, operational support, and administration support. Specializing in Human Resource and People Engagement (SuccessFactors), Analytics, Digital Supply Chain Management, Network and Spend Management, and Customer Experience solutions.

VERSA can design, upgrade, enhance, integrate, consolidate, or migrate your Data Center(s) and Computer Systems to improve performance, accessibility, stability, and scalability, while decreasing physical footprints, operational budgets, and annual maintenance needs.

Complete assessment, design, implementation and training for a full feature call center/help desk deployment using Automated Call Director as the communications tools for your organization. Solutions cover requirements for both centralized centers and complex decentralized centers deployed nation-wide.

Complete facility physical security and access solutions using PIV authorization and full video monitoring systems.

Centralized management of enterprise, campus, or facility wide digital signage solutions covering common areas and conference rooms. Delivery of general announcements, marketing information, and conference room scheduling information.

VERSA has established new partnerships supporting leading edge Health IT innovations using Big Data Analytics with robust and real time assessments and alerts combating health crises on several fronts. Covering issues from ongoing prescription errors and abuse to the current Opioid epidemic, VERSA is partnering to offer crisis agnostic big data analytics solutions to attack these problems from several angles – distribution (legal/illegal), abuse, enforcement, and treatment (immediate/long-term).

Network Convergence Solutions for IP Telephony and Unified Communications
Network Computer Systems Integration and Design Consulting Solutions
Cybersecurity Engineering Solutions and Incident Response Support
Health Information Technology Integration Solutions
Data Analytics
SAP Intelligent Enterprise Solutions
Remote and Local Facility Access Control and Monitoring Solutions (PIV/CCTV)
Structured Cabling, Workstation, LAN-WAN Engineering, Integration, Monitoring, and Security
Microsoft Office 365
Network Architecture Analysis, Design, Implementation and Administration
​IT Infrastructure Analysis, Design, and Implementation Solutions
Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
Digital Signage, VTC/AV deployment and Conference Room Scheduling Solutions
Automated Call Director Deployment and Configuration
Internet Connectivity and Security
Cloud Integration Services

VERSA is a SAP Open Ecosystem partner capable of designing, implementing and supporting full SAP solutions to meet all your business needs. SAP solutions are used throughout both private and public sector organizations, large and small, and cover many business areas including:

  •   ERP and Finance
  •   CRM and Customer Experience
  •   Network and Spend Management
  •   Digital Supply Chain
  •   HR and People Management
  •   Business Technology Platform
  •   Application Development and Integration
  •   Database and Data Management
  •   Analytics
  •   Intelligent Technologies


As an Open Ecosystem partner employing SAP trained and certified professionals, VERSA provides consulting and implementation services for focused SAP solutions with full access to SAP’s partner resources including tools, technical consultation, and proven implementation methodologies and tactics that provide content and guidance for project teams.