Senior SAP ASE Database Administrator

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DEPARTMENT: Operations VERSA Integrated Solutions, Inc. is a Maryland based SBA 8(a) certified engineering company. VERSA is committed to delivering technical expertise and engineering services that are both cost conscious and offer the highest return on investment for our customers. VERSA takes the time to fully understand our customers’ business needs, and engineers’ solutions that are both flexible and scalable to evolve as the customer grows and changes over time.

GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: The objective of this requirement is to procure services for the operation, maintenance, and management of a full-service IT facility in Austin, Texas with a backup IT facility to support the Office of Job Corps.


  1. As principal SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) technician, these individuals coordinate with necessary computer personnel and administrative specialists to maintain a SAP ASE data base environment which will contribute to the long range effectiveness of Job Corps’ payroll and management information systems.
  2. Plans and facilitates new and modified interfaces to the SAP ASE data base, assuring proper integration with existing application and data sources.
  3. Maintain and monitor SAP ASE data replication for remote standby and disaster recovery site.
  4. When significant changes in the processing environment occur (e.g., changes in customer needs, computer hardware/software etc.), the individual plans and implements the needed data base adjustments (e.g., in structure, use access, etc.) to accommodate those changes.
  5. In accordance with the principles suggested by SAP Software, Inc. for database administrators, the individual establishes and issues standards for data elements, data definitions, search strategies, access methods, file membership rules, record relationships, use of data base, integrity of data, physical and private security of data, etc.
  6. Formulates and establishes procedures and standards for establishment of, additions to and deletions from the Data Dictionary. The Database Administrator is responsible for the designing, structure, and maintenance of the Data Dictionary and for informing the users of information available in the system.
  7. Develops criteria and procedures for restart and recovery after system outages and means of back-up. Design, plan, implement and test a regular schedule of backups for production databases and insuring validity of backups.
  8. Responsible for the installation, testing and implementation of SAP ASE Software, Inc. supplied software including new release which enhance performance and/or capabilities, ensuring that changes required by the user community are minimal, if any, and meeting prescribed timeframes.
  9. Provides training to appropriate users in the concepts and techniques of SAP Software and its associated features (e.g., ISQL, SQL Advantage, etc.) recommending “database effectiveness” to managers and consulting with analysts, programmers and users on their requirements, design of new database applications, established standards and procedures. The Database Administrator is responsible for advising and assisting in the development
  10. and implementation of software routines and utilities to facilitate user applications and their interface with SAP Software.
  11. Responsible for carrying out miscellaneous assigned database administration tasks, including effective integration of approved applications in the database, measuring efficiency of database hardware and software, tuning the system to improve or maintain overall performance, monitoring the use of the database, and ensuring compliance with standards and procedures.


  1. This individual shall be a qualified IT professional capable of working independently in debugging source programs and in recognizing hardware and/or software problems. This person shall have demonstrated experience (within the most recent year) in developing program design and specifications from program associated requirements and in providing associated documentation.
  2. Individuals in this category shall possess recent demonstrated experience with Sybase ASE Server, SAP Replication Server, SAP ISQL, and SAP SQL Advantage, acting in a DBA capacity or as a senior member of a DBA staff.
  3. Establishment of Technical Standards and Guidelines for database users.
  4. Review/approval of user applications which will access the database.
  5. Database design specifically design of tables, indexes, and their elements.
  6. Control of the SAP Software operating environment, including allocation of space for users, tuning shared memory parameters and maintenance of logical and physical logs.
  7. Technical implementation of software measures to ensure database integrity.
  8. DBMS training functions: explaining composition and use of SAP ASE to users.
  9. Establishment and maintenance of a data dictionary.
  10. Use of SAP utilities for DBMS maintenance, especially for backup and restore functions.
  11. Individuals in this category shall possess the written and oral communications skills necessary to communicate effectively with customers, Job Corps management and other contract support personnel.


  1. Seven (7) years’ experience in which three of the seven years must be specific experience in the use of SAP ASE server version 15.x, SAP Replication Server version 15.x in an AIX/UNIX based environment.
  2. Six (6) years demonstrated experience in the analysis and design of systems using structured techniques and be able to provide technical documentation and correspondence to management, customers, and technical personnel.
  3. This individual shall be able to provide comprehensive technical presentations.
  4. Experience with Embarcadero ERStudio version 7.x and higher modeling tool necessary to maintain and enhance current database models.
  5. Experience with Embarcadero DBArtisan a plus for maintaining and monitoring Sybase Databases.
  6. Experience with maintaining White Sands ProActive monitoring tools.


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