2020 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s

Virtual Annual Legislative Conference

VERSA would like to thank Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for hosting this CBCF Virtual ALC 2020 – Energy Braintrust. We would also like to thank Prof. Benedict O. Oramah, (President of African Export-Import Bank) for his leadership in addressing the most critical issues impacting our countries. This Thursday, September 17th, at 3:00PM EST we will hear from some of the brightest minds on America concerning the closing of the electric power gap between American and Africa. During this event we will get to hear from VERSA President, Joseph Abban.

Joseph Abban, president of VERSA Integrated Solutions was born and raised in Ghana. Joseph spent his development years at a local boarding school and became accustom to the use of lanterns to complete homework.

Joseph later migrated to the United States to study electrical engineering at Howard University. At Howard I worked under the Professor James Momoh, a Nigerian born academic who specialized in Power & Energy Systems.

In 2006, Joseph along with Kevin Mitchell, CEO, co-founded VERSA Integrated Solutions, a U.S based technology solutions firm in Calverton, Md. Since leaving Ghana, Joseph has long had a desire to use his expertise to help push his native country forward in today’s technologically advancing world. His focus as an electrical engineer is to assist in power systems management for Ghana and countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Electricity not only addresses socioeconomic issues like investment opportunities from foreign companies, it also addresses environmental issues plus the basic human needs daily.

Even more important is the collective impact that we can achieve in places like Sub-Saharan Africa. The Power Africa initiative announced by the President Obama in 2013, has allowed participating countries and more specifically Ghana to continue its march to be not only the hope of Africa but also one of her gateways.

To hear the more on this exciting program, please tune in this Thursday to hear Joseph speak more on this topic at the CBCF ALC – Energy Braintrust. Register at: